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a blog all about small animal nutrition, for pet parents and veterinary professionals alike.

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Nutritional Nurse Consultant, Jessica, grew her passion for animal nutrition through veterinary nursing. She created a nurse-led nutritional consultancy service at her small animal clinic and is studying towards Veterinary Technician Specialist status in Nutrition.

She has seen first hand what problems poor nutrition can cause in our furry friends, especially with the huge amount of misinformation online. This blog was created with this in mind; to provide useful information on animal nutrition for both pet parents and veterinary professionals with an interest in nutrition.


Feeding wet food – benefits & how to choose a diet!

Feeding wet food to cats has many benefits, but it does have it’s drawbacks. Wet diets are both palatable, full of moisture and lower in calories than a dry food, however given how expensive it is to feed an entirely wet food, and it’s impact on dental health and can make it difficult to reconcile…

When more isn’t more: nutrient excesses

Giving your pet an extra “boost” of nutrients or feeding a diet that “exceeds” the AAFCO requirements might sound amazing in theory, but did you know you could actually be doing your pet harm? Nutrient excesses can be just as damaging as deficiencies. With the rise of supplementation and pet owners being encouraged to add…

Fillers in pet food – and why they arent a thing!

What is a filler and does pet food actually contain “fillers”? Certain ingredients often get blamed for being of low nutritional value and simply filler ingredients. A filler is something that contains no nutritional value and is added to create bulk in the diet. In pet food, this actually doesn’t exist. Everything included in pet…