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a blog all about small animal nutrition, for pet parents and veterinary professionals alike.

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Nutritional Nurse Consultant, Jessica, grew her passion for animal nutrition through veterinary nursing. She created a nurse-led nutritional consultancy service at her small animal clinic and is studying towards Veterinary Technician Specialist status in Nutrition.

She has seen first hand what problems poor nutrition can cause in our furry friends, especially with the huge amount of misinformation online. This blog was created with this in mind; to provide useful information on animal nutrition for both pet parents and veterinary professionals with an interest in nutrition.


When nutrition is critical: preventing malnutrition in hospital

Did you know that patients of any age can become malnourished from inadequate nutrient intake? Malnutrition is defined as any disorder with inadequate or unbalanced nutrition associated with either nutritional deficiencies or excesses. This can occur in a variety of ways, but we often see patients come through to the clinic already in some state…

The balancing act: preparing your own pet food

Home cooking meals for your pets is not all it’s cracked up to be. There are often many unbalanced, dangerous recipes floating around the internet that owners who don’t know any better decide to try out and the proponents of these diets continue to reinforce the misconception that making your own pet food is simple…

Feeding puppies, great and small

One of the biggest decisions you will make as a new puppy owner is what to feed your pet. In my opinion, there isn’t anything more important than considering a diet that will provide all the necessary nutrients to support your pet’s growth and avoid serious health consequences in the long run. When assessing a…