Nutritional Consultations

All nutritional consultations are conducted remotely, from the comfort of your own home! Once you place your booking, I will email through the link to the assessment form for you to complete (this will be sent to your email provided at checkout so please check for an email after purchase). Recommendations for products will take into account what is available in your location. Pricing is listed in Australian Dollars. Please allow for a minimum of 2 – 3 business days for recommendations to be provided.

*If you have multiple pets, please contact me at before purchasing to choose the most appropriate option for all pets and to ask about bundle deals.

Basic nutritional consultation

The basic package includes a nutritional assessment and a tailored nutritional recommendation. This service is ideal for clients needing direction on what diet to choose when entering a new lifestage, or for clients who would just like guidance or personalised questions answered on their pet’s current diet rather than a diet change.


Nutritional assessment$5
Dietary advice & follow up questions$5
Personalised recommendation $10
Total charge$20
Inclusions in the basic package

Standard nutritional consultation

Your standard consultation package includes a nutritional assessment and dietary history, personalised recommendations and a feeding plan. This is ideal for most clients – I cater to one healthy pet (or with one health concern) of any lifestage.


Dietary history$5
Standard nutritional assessment $10
Personalised recommendation $10
Feeding plan$10
Total charges$35
Inclusions in the standard package

Comprehensive nutritional consultation

This service is best suited to pets with one or more medical conditions requiring a detailed therapeutic nutrition plan to treat, manage and support a medical condition. I can also work in conjunction with your veterinarian’s treatment plan and provide follow up appointments where appropriate.


Dietary history$5
Extensive nutritional assessment$20
Personalised recommendations$10
Therapeutic feeding plan$20
Follow up appointments$15
Total charge$70
Inclusions in the comprehensive consultation package