Pancytopenia & pet food

The recent recall involving a number of cat foods made in the UK (AVA, Sainsbury's, Winko and Applaws) have been linked to an outbreak of feline pancytopenia. Already, a number of cats have died from this condition relating to this pet food and as the investigation is ongoing, many have been left distressed as they … Continue reading Pancytopenia & pet food

Freeze dried VS Cold pressed pet foods

New foods and their fancy processing methods are bursting onto the scene and taking the pet food world by storm! Freeze dried, air dried, cold pressed, gently cooked, high pressure pasteurized...the list goes on. But today, we focus on the two newest on the scene; freeze dried and cold pressed. I've received so many questions … Continue reading Freeze dried VS Cold pressed pet foods

Cats and grain free diets

Grain free diets have gotten a lot of publicity in the past few years regarding a connection to dilated cardiomyopathy and pet owners are understandably confused as to whether they should steer clear or not, as the research into this concerning finding continues. However, given the ongoing investigations into grain free diets, we mustn't forget … Continue reading Cats and grain free diets

Stubborn stones: calcium oxalates

Next to struvite stones, calcium oxalates are the second most common type of stone found in dogs, and with struvites make up 85% of all uroliths found in dogs. Unfortunately for nutrition nerds like myself, calcium oxalate stones cannot be dissolved like struvites can and need to be surgically removed. But does that then mean … Continue reading Stubborn stones: calcium oxalates

Why I don’t recommend chicken and rice (and you shouldn’t either!)

We all know how it goes; your pet has diarrhea, you call the vet and you get told to feed chicken and rice for a few days to clear up the diarrhea. But did you know, this recommendation could be doing more harm than good? Chicken and rice was originally recommended as an alternative to … Continue reading Why I don’t recommend chicken and rice (and you shouldn’t either!)

Eight easy ways to entice picky pets

When pets become fussy eaters it can mean a world of frustration for pet owners. Pickiness has many causes, but there are some ways that we can tackle the issue when pets don't want to eat. It's important to remember that if your pet refuses to eat for two or three days, they've lost weight … Continue reading Eight easy ways to entice picky pets

Breed specific diets

Do I need a diet for my dog's breed? It makes sense when you consider how a Chihuahua's nutritional needs may differ from a Great Dane, but how important is feeding a diet designed specifically for your pet's breed? Some critics of these breed-specific foods report that the diets don't look vastly different from eachother, … Continue reading Breed specific diets

Feeding pregnant pets: the do’s and don’ts

There's always a huge focus on the nutrition of puppies and kittens, especially once you pick up your new bundle of joy, but what about before they are born? I find that feeding pregnant pets can be extremely controversial, particularly as breeders usually have their own methods or chosen diets they've decided on and used … Continue reading Feeding pregnant pets: the do’s and don’ts