Please note: There may be an extended wait for consultations while I am in the process of completing my final year of study for the Veterinary Technician Speciality in Nutrition – any delays will be promptly communicated after a request for consult is placed.

All nutritional consultations are conducted remotely, from the comfort of your own home! Recommendations for products will take into account what is available in your location. Pricing is listed in Australian Dollars and are made through PayPal – you will be invoiced the most appropriate package for your needs. Please allow for a minimum of 2 – 3 business days for recommendations to be provided following payment and assessment.

If you wish to purchase a consultation, please place a request for consult first using the link provided.

Your standard consultation package includes a nutritional assessment and dietary history, personalised recommendations and a follow up as required. This is ideal for most clients – I cater to ONE healthy pet (or with one health concern) of any life stage and any activity level.

Dietary history$10
Standard nutritional assessment $10
Personalised recommendation $35
Follow up$10
Total charge$50
Inclusions in the standard package

The comprehensive package is best suited to pets with one or more medical conditions requiring a detailed therapeutic nutrition plan to treat, manage and support a medical condition. I can also work in conjunction with your veterinarian’s treatment plan and provide follow up appointments where appropriate.

Dietary history$5
Extensive nutritional assessment$20
Personalised recommendations$10
Therapeutic feeding plan$20
Follow up appointments$15
Total charge$70
Inclusions in the comprehensive consultation package

The home cooked diet package is suitable for pet owners looking for a home cooked diet recipe that is complete and balanced and personalised for your pet’s unique needs and tastes. As part of this service, the pet’s current recipe will be assessed for balance and any adjustments made if necessary. Any reformulations of the personalised recipe will cost an additional $20. This package is for healthy adult pets ONLY.

Extensive dietary history$15
Extensive nutritional assessment$20
Current recipe assessment$10
Personalised recipe formulation$20
Follow up appointments$15
Total charge$80
Inclusions in the home cooked diet package