Investigating Ingredients

An ingredients list can be confusing, overwhelming and scary for many consumers if you don't know what those words or ingredients actually mean or their actual definitions. It's fast becoming a marketing ploy for companies to use their ingredient list to sway owners to purchase their product, by simplified, "dumbed down" ingredients lists and scaremongering … Continue reading Investigating Ingredients

Pet food marketing buzzwords: sorting fact from fiction

When looking at a bag of pet food, it's so easy to get overwhelmed with the amount of persuasive marketing and trendy buzzwords slapped on the package. So many pet owners come to me with pre-conceived ideas of the best food to feed their pet, that are based on marketing tactics and human nutrition, rather … Continue reading Pet food marketing buzzwords: sorting fact from fiction

Decoding pet food labels – part 2

Continuing from my last post, decoding pet food labels is an involved process. There's a lot of information on the label and not all of it is as important as manufacturers will have you think. This post explains, in simple terms, the guaranteed analysis panel and ingredients list; it is by no means comprehensive, particularly … Continue reading Decoding pet food labels – part 2