Pet food regulation in Australia

Isn't Australian pet food better than other countries? Aren't our ingredients fresher, safer, more nutritious? As I'm based in Australia, I'm often asked about how pet food is different here compared to other countries, what our regulations are like, what the quality is like and if food that's made in Australia is better by comparison … Continue reading Pet food regulation in Australia

Fillers in pet food – and why they arent a thing!

What is a filler and does pet food actually contain "fillers"? Certain ingredients often get blamed for being of low nutritional value and simply filler ingredients. A filler is something that contains no nutritional value and is added to create bulk in the diet. In pet food, this actually doesn't exist. Everything included in pet … Continue reading Fillers in pet food – and why they arent a thing!

Natural isn’t always best

This week, I was flooded with questions and concerns from clients worrying about feeding an "unnatural" diet to their pets. Some had been told by unqualified laypeople that they were doing something 'bad' or 'wrong' by feeding their pet a complete and balanced commercial diet, because it wasn't natural. Unfortunately, some of these pets became … Continue reading Natural isn’t always best