Pancytopenia & pet food

The recent recall involving a number of cat foods made in the UK (AVA, Sainsbury's, Winko and Applaws) have been linked to an outbreak of feline pancytopenia. Already, a number of cats have died from this condition relating to this pet food and as the investigation is ongoing, many have been left distressed as they … Continue reading Pancytopenia & pet food

Stubborn stones: calcium oxalates

Next to struvite stones, calcium oxalates are the second most common type of stone found in dogs, and with struvites make up 85% of all uroliths found in dogs. Unfortunately for nutrition nerds like myself, calcium oxalate stones cannot be dissolved like struvites can and need to be surgically removed. But does that then mean … Continue reading Stubborn stones: calcium oxalates

Protect the kidneys: feeding cats with CKD

Chronic kidney disease is a common condition in senior cats. In fact, it is the number one cause of death in cats over the age of 7. The condition can't be cured, but the progression of this disease can be slowed, symptoms reduced and quality (and length) of life improved - with nutrition. The primary … Continue reading Protect the kidneys: feeding cats with CKD