To find out more, check out these fantastic websites, blogs and tools from reliable and highly educated sources. This is by no means an exhaustive list, but these are just some of the resources I use and recommend.

Blogs & Websites

AAFCO Talks Pet Food – American Association of Feed Control Officials website that provides simple definitions on pet food ingredients, marketing terms used by pet food companies and legislation around pet food.

FEDIAF – is the trade body representing the European pet food industry. Their website contains useful information such as fact sheets, handouts and nutritional guidelines and regulations.

PFMA – Pet Food Manufacturing Association is the trade body for the pet food industry in the United Kingdom. Their website also contains fantastic resources and information for professionals and pet owners.

Tuft’s University Petfoodology – blog posts written by Board Certified Veterinary Nutritionists

SkeptVet – practising Veterinarian writing about evidence-based veterinary medicine, including veterinary nutrition

Feeding Raven Doodles – Veterinary student (Class of 2022) Stefanie writes about nutrition in an easy-to-understand format for pet parents

Doc of All Trades – Veterinary student (Class of 2022) Caitlin writes about a variety of topics such as One Health, pet nutrition and current veterinary medicine topics. – written by a Board Certified Veterinary Nutritionist, Dr George Collings has a few reviews on pet food and a rather exhaustive list of definitions on pet food ingredients


Pet Nutrition Alliance – created by a team of Board Certified Veterinary Nutritionists, Vet Tech Specialists in Nutrition and Associations, the website has a number of incredibly useful tools for both pet parents and professionals. Notably, the Calorie Calculator and the Dare to Ask tool!

WSAVA Nutrition Toolkit – created by the Global Nutrition Committee, this toolkit contains a number of useful handouts and resources for clients as well as forms and guides for professionals. – created by a Board Certified Veterinary Nutritionist, this tool allows you to build a complete and balanced home cooked diet recipe. Their website also provides the option for veterinarians to create recipes for health conditions and the ability to purchase the associated supplements.


Hill’s Research Library – contains research that has been conducted by Hill’s on their foods, ingredients, therapeutics, etc.

Royal Canin Vet Portal – contains journal articles published by Royal Canin, as well as a huge range of webinars, podcasts and nutritional information on their diets (see below for more CPD websites)

Purina Institute – news and research on the latest studies being conducted by Purina.

Google Scholar – search journal articles on any topic in the world!

Continuing professional development

Hills Global Symposium – lectures delivered from specialists in human and animal nutrition from across the world

Small Animal Clinical Nutrition textbook – available for free download from the Mark Morris Institute website, contains extensive information on treatment plans for health conditions, key nutritional factors and pet food.

Not sure if something you read online is reliable? Check the source – my blog post “Everyone’s an expert in animal nutrition” explains who and what credentials you should be looking for when consuming pet nutrition advice online. If you have questions about pet nutrition, feel free to email me through the Contact form!