Why I don’t recommend raw diets

I am asked more frequently about the raw diet than anything else, especially on the internet. It is a hot potato with many passionate opinions online, however I believe it's vital that clients can make an informed decision before deciding to feed this incredibly complex and risky diet to their pets. The FDA, WSAVA, AAHA, … Continue reading Why I don’t recommend raw diets

Processed pet food: it’s not just kibble

Whenever kibble is mentioned, the pushback from opponents is that it's highly processed therefore how can it possibly be good for you. 'Processed' has become a dirty word of late, and I think it's time we delved abit deeper into how it fits into the pet nutrition world. First off, it's very hard to compare … Continue reading Processed pet food: it’s not just kibble

Yes, your dog can get Salmonella

Salmonella is a rod-shaped gram-negative bacterium belonging to the family of Enterobacteriaceae. It is the causative agent of salmonellosis. Clinical salmonellosis as well as fecal shedding of Salmonella in companion animals have been linked to the increasingly common practice among pet owners of feeding raw meat diets to pets. In contrast to heat-treated commercial dog … Continue reading Yes, your dog can get Salmonella

By-products in pet food

There isn't an ingredient that gets more negative attention than by-products. But what are by-products? Do they really include hooves, hair and teeth? Are they poor quality meats? I've collated the most commonly asked questions about by-products here, in a hope to explain some of the misconceptions people have about by-products and sort the fact … Continue reading By-products in pet food

Freeze dried VS Cold pressed pet foods

New foods and their fancy processing methods are bursting onto the scene and taking the pet food world by storm! Freeze dried, air dried, cold pressed, gently cooked, high pressure pasteurized...the list goes on. But today, we focus on the two newest on the scene; freeze dried and cold pressed. I've received so many questions … Continue reading Freeze dried VS Cold pressed pet foods

Fresh foods for pets: is it better?

The latest trend is fresh foods for pets, particularly the type that is available as a subscription, getting delivered to your door on a recurring basis. More and more pet owners have asked me about these products and if they are good quality, so I thought we should take a deep dive into this new … Continue reading Fresh foods for pets: is it better?

Natural isn’t always best

This week, I was flooded with questions and concerns from clients worrying about feeding an "unnatural" diet to their pets. Some had been told by unqualified laypeople that they were doing something 'bad' or 'wrong' by feeding their pet a complete and balanced commercial diet, because it wasn't natural. Unfortunately, some of these pets became … Continue reading Natural isn’t always best