Superfood or superfake?

More and more pet foods are slapping on their labels that their diets include "superfoods" - but what are superfoods? And how do we know that the diet is actually going to provide any noticeable benefit to your pet? Today's blog is about why the term superfood shouldn't sway you decision to purchase a pet … Continue reading Superfood or superfake?

Pet food ratings websites – and why they aren’t useful

I often get asked why the foods I recommend rate so low on pet food rating websites - let's take a step back and look at why I don't use pet food rating websites, and where owners can go for reliable and evidence based information on pet nutrition. Nutrition is nuanced and not one size … Continue reading Pet food ratings websites – and why they aren’t useful

By-products in pet food

There isn't an ingredient that gets more negative attention than by-products. But what are by-products? Do they really include hooves, hair and teeth? Are they poor quality meats? I've collated the most commonly asked questions about by-products here, in a hope to explain some of the misconceptions people have about by-products and sort the fact … Continue reading By-products in pet food

How to choose a diet for your senior pet

A common question I get, is how to choose a diet for my senior pet? There's alot of emphasis placed on puppies and kittens to give them the best start to life, but the information for choosing a diet in your pet's senior years is hard to find. It's equally as important that we find … Continue reading How to choose a diet for your senior pet

How to avoid pet food marketing

Everyone has fallen for marketing before - this is why we purchase products. Sometimes products live up to their reputation, other times not so much. When choosing a pet food, it can be difficult to not get caught up in the marketing and think objectively about if that product is really the best thing for … Continue reading How to avoid pet food marketing

Prescription diets – how they work

Prescription or therapeutic veterinary diets are quite different from your run of the mill pet food. These diets are designed to treat specific medical conditions and in some cases may form the only treatment for a patient's condition. These diets have gotten alot of attention recently; many people mistake prescription diets to mean the food … Continue reading Prescription diets – how they work

Fresh foods for pets: is it better?

The latest trend is fresh foods for pets, particularly the type that is available as a subscription, getting delivered to your door on a recurring basis. More and more pet owners have asked me about these products and if they are good quality, so I thought we should take a deep dive into this new … Continue reading Fresh foods for pets: is it better?

When more isn’t more: nutrient excesses

Giving your pet an extra "boost" of nutrients or feeding a diet that "exceeds" the AAFCO requirements might sound amazing in theory, but did you know you could actually be doing your pet harm? Nutrient excesses can be just as damaging as deficiencies. With the rise of supplementation and pet owners being encouraged to add … Continue reading When more isn’t more: nutrient excesses

Fillers in pet food – and why they arent a thing!

What is a filler and does pet food actually contain "fillers"? Certain ingredients often get blamed for being of low nutritional value and simply filler ingredients. A filler is something that contains no nutritional value and is added to create bulk in the diet. In pet food, this actually doesn't exist. Everything included in pet … Continue reading Fillers in pet food – and why they arent a thing!