Nutritional management of IBD and colitis in pets

It is relatively common that in practice we see patients with some form of gastrointestinal disease or disorder. With the growing body of research into the gut microbiome and how we can improve the health of pets with gastrointestinal illnesses, today's blog looks into what we can do for IBD and colitis patients with diet. … Continue reading Nutritional management of IBD and colitis in pets

Anal glands: Finding relief through diet

A common issue dog owners encounter is scooting or dogs dragging their bottom along the ground. They do this to try and express their anal glands - these are two scent glands that are at the 4 o'clock and 8 o'clock position on the inside of the rectum that fill with sebaceous secretions similar to … Continue reading Anal glands: Finding relief through diet

Going against the grain: grain free diets

You may have heard the lastest buzzword in pet food is "grain free". However, grain free pet foods came into the market with little to no scientific evidence to support the trend that was largely led by consumer demand following an increase in the popularity of gluten free diets for humans and an incorrect assumption … Continue reading Going against the grain: grain free diets

Vegan pets – is it safe?

Can my dog or cat eat a vegetarian or vegan diet? It's a common question that doesn't necessarily have a simple answer. Usually owners wish to feed a vegan or vegetarian diet because they themselves are vegetarian or vegan and feel uncomfortable feeding meat or animal products to their animal whether for moral reasons or … Continue reading Vegan pets – is it safe?

Scratching the itch – managing atopy

Itchy pet? You're not alone. We see so many itchy pets every day and understand how frustrating it is when it's not a simple fix. Diet is quite often blamed as the cause, however this isn't necessarily the case. Often the allergies are environmental in origin, however I will discuss both in this post, as … Continue reading Scratching the itch – managing atopy