Cats and grain free diets

Grain free diets have gotten a lot of publicity in the past few years regarding a connection to dilated cardiomyopathy and pet owners are understandably confused as to whether they should steer clear or not, as the research into this concerning finding continues. However, given the ongoing investigations into grain free diets, we mustn't forget … Continue reading Cats and grain free diets

Feeding wet food – benefits & how to choose a diet!

Feeding wet food to cats has many benefits, but it does have it's drawbacks. Wet diets are both palatable, full of moisture and lower in calories than a dry food, however given how expensive it is to feed an entirely wet food, and it's impact on dental health and can make it difficult to reconcile … Continue reading Feeding wet food – benefits & how to choose a diet!

Water – an essential nutrient

Do you know how much your pet should be drinking? Water is essential for life, and is considered a nutrient and functions as a key nutritional factor in many disease states. Coming into summer, pet parents are more conscious than ever of their pets drinking habits and making sure they stay well hydrated is at … Continue reading Water – an essential nutrient

Protect the kidneys: feeding cats with CKD

Chronic kidney disease is a common condition in senior cats. In fact, it is the number one cause of death in cats over the age of 7. The condition can't be cured, but the progression of this disease can be slowed, symptoms reduced and quality (and length) of life improved - with nutrition. The primary … Continue reading Protect the kidneys: feeding cats with CKD