Bloat: is kibble really the problem?

Gastric dilatation volvulus (GDV), also known as bloat is of particular concern for deep chested, large breed dogs. The dog's stomach expands, fills with gas, liquid or food and can twist and turn on itself, cutting off the circulation to the stomach and surrounding organs. This condition is life threatening and can rapidly become fatal. … Continue reading Bloat: is kibble really the problem?

Aflatoxins: is corn the culprit?

Aflatoxins have been getting a lot of publicity lately with the recent recalls and deaths associated with contaminated pet food. But, what are aflatoxins? Is it really was simple as not using corn in the diet? I often hear alot of blame around corn, but surely there is more to it. If corn was such … Continue reading Aflatoxins: is corn the culprit?

Food allergies & hypoallergenic diets

Often when pets have diarrhea or a skin condition, people immediately jump to the conclusion that their pet has a food allergy. True food allergies in pets are fairly rare (10% of all allergic pets) but they do happen, and can be diagnosed through something called a food elimination trial. This is a strict diet … Continue reading Food allergies & hypoallergenic diets

Water – an essential nutrient

Do you know how much your pet should be drinking? Water is essential for life, and is considered a nutrient and functions as a key nutritional factor in many disease states. Coming into summer, pet parents are more conscious than ever of their pets drinking habits and making sure they stay well hydrated is at … Continue reading Water – an essential nutrient

Pet food marketing buzzwords: sorting fact from fiction

When looking at a bag of pet food, it's so easy to get overwhelmed with the amount of persuasive marketing and trendy buzzwords slapped on the package. So many pet owners come to me with pre-conceived ideas of the best food to feed their pet, that are based on marketing tactics and human nutrition, rather … Continue reading Pet food marketing buzzwords: sorting fact from fiction

Vegan pets – is it safe?

Can my dog or cat eat a vegetarian or vegan diet? It's a common question that doesn't necessarily have a simple answer. Usually owners wish to feed a vegan or vegetarian diet because they themselves are vegetarian or vegan and feel uncomfortable feeding meat or animal products to their animal whether for moral reasons or … Continue reading Vegan pets – is it safe?