Going against the grain: grain free diets

Update: This post has been updated to include the latest research on grain free diets and dilated cardiomyopathy You may have heard the lastest buzzword in pet food is "grain free". However, grain free pet foods came into the market with little to no scientific evidence to support the trend that was largely led by … Continue reading Going against the grain: grain free diets

Aflatoxins: is corn the culprit?

Aflatoxins have been getting a lot of publicity lately with the recent recalls and deaths associated with contaminated pet food. But, what are aflatoxins? Is it really was simple as not using corn in the diet? I often hear alot of blame around corn, but surely there is more to it. If corn was such … Continue reading Aflatoxins: is corn the culprit?

Recalls: the good the bad and the ugly

Every so often, a pet food recall occurs that sends shockwaves through the pet food industry and pet owners alike. Owners panic, call their vets and may even choose to feed unconventional diets because of the fear surrounding recalls - some pet food "rating" websites even use these recalls to rank pet foods, however as … Continue reading Recalls: the good the bad and the ugly