Superfood or superfake?

More and more pet foods are slapping on their labels that their diets include "superfoods" - but what are superfoods? And how do we know that the diet is actually going to provide any noticeable benefit to your pet? Today's blog is about why the term superfood shouldn't sway you decision to purchase a pet … Continue reading Superfood or superfake?

Coconut oil: helpful or harmful

Coconut oil is a go-to remedy for pet parents everywhere, from everything to skin conditions, dietary upsets and anti-inflammatory supplements. It's become so popular, it's even included in some commercial pet foods and is regularly labelled as a "superfood". But is coconut oil actually beneficial to your pet? And if so, what does the evidence … Continue reading Coconut oil: helpful or harmful

Lysine for cats – helpful or harmful?

If your cat has ever fallen victim to a upper respiratory infection, you may have heard of the common recommendation to supplement with lysine. It is thought that lysine, an essential amino acid, can shorten the duration and reduce viral replication of the viruses that cause conjunctivitis in cats - namely feline herpes virus and … Continue reading Lysine for cats – helpful or harmful?

The top 5 pet nutrition mistakes you’re making

There are many reasons you've chosen to feed the way you do, but could you be unknowingly be making mistakes when it comes to your pet's diet? With a wealth of information online, we try to reconcile and integrate these hints and tips from a variety of sources to try and do the best for … Continue reading The top 5 pet nutrition mistakes you’re making

Top 5 reasons I don’t recommend raw diets

I am asked more frequently about the raw diet than anything else, especially on the internet. It is a hot potato with many passionate opinions online, however I believe it's vital that clients can make an informed decision before deciding to feed this incredibly complex and risky diet to their pets. The FDA, WSAVA, AAHA, … Continue reading Top 5 reasons I don’t recommend raw diets

Pet food marketing buzzwords: sorting fact from fiction

When looking at a bag of pet food, it's so easy to get overwhelmed with the amount of persuasive marketing and trendy buzzwords slapped on the package. So many pet owners come to me with pre-conceived ideas of the best food to feed their pet, that are based on marketing tactics and human nutrition, rather … Continue reading Pet food marketing buzzwords: sorting fact from fiction

Feeding puppies, great and small

One of the biggest decisions you will make as a new puppy owner is what to feed your pet. In my opinion, there isn't anything more important than considering a diet that will provide all the necessary nutrients to support your pet's growth and avoid serious health consequences in the long run. When assessing a … Continue reading Feeding puppies, great and small

What the FLUTD?

Feline Lower Urinary Tract Disease is a condition we see frequently in clinic and following medical management, the ongoing prevention of urinary conditions reoccuring is heavily reliant on nutritional management, and strict compliance is necessary to save your special cats from unnecessary pain and suffering. Does your cat exhibit strange bathroom behaviours? So what is … Continue reading What the FLUTD?

Decoding pet food labels – part 2

Continuing from my last post, decoding pet food labels is an involved process. There's a lot of information on the label and not all of it is as important as manufacturers will have you think. This post explains, in simple terms, the guaranteed analysis panel and ingredients list; it is by no means comprehensive, particularly … Continue reading Decoding pet food labels – part 2