Nutritional management of IBD and colitis in pets

It is relatively common that in practice we see patients with some form of gastrointestinal disease or disorder. With the growing body of research into the gut microbiome and how we can improve the health of pets with gastrointestinal illnesses, today's blog looks into what we can do for IBD and colitis patients with diet. … Continue reading Nutritional management of IBD and colitis in pets

Anal glands: Finding relief through diet

A common issue dog owners encounter is scooting or dogs dragging their bottom along the ground. They do this to try and express their anal glands - these are two scent glands that are at the 4 o'clock and 8 o'clock position on the inside of the rectum that fill with sebaceous secretions similar to … Continue reading Anal glands: Finding relief through diet

Probiotics: veterinary, human or DIY?

Probiotics are relatively new to veterinary medicine, despite being regularly used in human medicine and readily available over the counter in most pharmacies - clients are beginning to catch on, and it's a growing trend to add probiotic supplements or foods such as yoghurt, kefir or raw milks to pets diets. Probiotics are incredibly useful … Continue reading Probiotics: veterinary, human or DIY?

Upset tummy? Now what!

One of the most common things I come across in clinic is pets with upset tummies; I'm talking diarrhea. Despite it being one of the most common reasons for presenting, it's also often where I see the biggest nutrition mistakes being made. Photo by zhugewala on Chicken and riceThis 'bland' diet recommendation is the … Continue reading Upset tummy? Now what!