Superfood or superfake?

More and more pet foods are slapping on their labels that their diets include "superfoods" - but what are superfoods? And how do we know that the diet is actually going to provide any noticeable benefit to your pet? Today's blog is about why the term superfood shouldn't sway you decision to purchase a pet … Continue reading Superfood or superfake?

Coconut oil: helpful or harmful

Coconut oil is a go-to remedy for pet parents everywhere, from everything to skin conditions, dietary upsets and anti-inflammatory supplements. It's become so popular, it's even included in some commercial pet foods and is regularly labelled as a "superfood". But is coconut oil actually beneficial to your pet? And if so, what does the evidence … Continue reading Coconut oil: helpful or harmful

Lysine for cats – helpful or harmful?

If your cat has ever fallen victim to a upper respiratory infection, you may have heard of the common recommendation to supplement with lysine. It is thought that lysine, an essential amino acid, can shorten the duration and reduce viral replication of the viruses that cause conjunctivitis in cats - namely feline herpes virus and … Continue reading Lysine for cats – helpful or harmful?

Anal glands: Finding relief through diet

A common issue dog owners encounter is scooting or dogs dragging their bottom along the ground. They do this to try and express their anal glands - these are two scent glands that are at the 4 o'clock and 8 o'clock position on the inside of the rectum that fill with sebaceous secretions similar to … Continue reading Anal glands: Finding relief through diet

Joint care for dogs – to supplement or not?

With many dogs suffering from some form of joint condition or disease, many pet owners turn to supplements or alternative treatments to help ease the pain. However not all supplements or home remedies are effective, or even safe. So let's explore the current research on joint supplements and joint diets in dogs, both what works … Continue reading Joint care for dogs – to supplement or not?

The balancing act: preparing your own pet food

Home cooking meals for your pets is not all it's cracked up to be. There are often many unbalanced, dangerous recipes floating around the internet that owners who don't know any better decide to try out and the proponents of these diets continue to reinforce the misconception that making your own pet food is simple … Continue reading The balancing act: preparing your own pet food